Designed Computing Systems is the creator of a series of program developed to support CNC foam cutting.  Our programs have been in use since 2005 by the hobbist to university research departments.  Our extensive experience makes us the best choice for your CNC foam cutting software needs.



If you have a Redemption Code Number - Proceed directly to the registration form, complete the form as instructed and include the Redemption Code Number in the field provided and your registration number will be emailed to the email address that you provide.

You may register your copy of CadWorks 3.0, Foamworks 3.0 or FoamWork 4.0 by completing the following form.  When payment has been verified, your registration number will be emailed to the email address that you provide.

>Registered users will receive all minor updates at no cost by simply download the updated file from this web site.  

Major upgrades will provided a a reduced cost.  The reduced cost will be relative to the significance of the upgrade.


Methods of Payment:
  • Check or money order mailed to:
    David Mrozinski
    848 W. Borton Road
    Essexville, Michigan 48732
  • PayPal transfer.  We accept all credit card honored by PayPal.  Send payment to

Click the link below to submit your Registration Information.  Your registration number will be emailed when payment is verified.  If paying by PayPal, please make sure to include the email address that will be used to make the payment.  Your program serial number can be found at the bottom left of the opening screen when the program has been activated.  If you are registering multiple programs, please complete the registration form for each program.

Click HERE link to access the Registration Form