Designed Computing Systems is the creator of a series of program developed to support CNC foam cutting.  Our programs have been in use since 2005 by the hobbist to university research departments.  Our extensive experience makes us the best choice for your CNC foam cutting software needs.

FoamWorks 4.0 Tutorials

FoamWorks 3.0 Tutorials

FoamWorks 3.0,  Machine Setup
FoamWorks 3.0, Generate a Cut File
FoamWorks 3.0, Start a Cut

CadWorks Tutorials

CadWorks 3.0, Import a DAT file
CadWorks 3.0, Generate a DAT file from a Random DXF drawing
CadWorks 3.0, Generate a DAT file from a Sequential DXF drawing

A three part tutorial covering design of a shape, generation of the DAT file

Part 1 of 3, Design of the shape
Part 2 of 3, Generation of the DAT file
Part 3 of 3, Generating the Cut File and Cutting the Part

Download Star DAT file and DXF file

YouTube video of cut path creation and DAT file generation